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Vision, Mission and Values


At London School of Science and Business (LSSB), we are determined to our future goals, innovation and strong vision to be a leading college, best and first choice for Further and Higher Education in the region.

Through Further Education, nurturing students to improve employability and progress them onto the University Education.

We will grow Higher Education facilities through University collaboration programme, by embracing specific career oriented flexible and affordable university education.


Working together in partnership to encourage and accomplishing a better, prosperous future for all through promoting innovative Further and Higher Education.

We make sure that everyone can experience innovative educational environment, opportunities and feel safe during their time with us at LSSB.

Recognise and embrace differences within people and promote their knowledge, skills and ability to address equality and diversity at the college. Improving the lives and economic success through educations


Commitment: Our team is dedicated to meet the needs of students, employers and the communities we serve.

Respect: We recognise expert staff members, academics, students and encourage their individual contribution.

Accountability: As an organisation, we are responsible for our actions, and we maintain good governance.

Excellence: We strive to maintain robust compliance to uphold highest standardisation process.

Sustainability: Delivering an outstanding student experience, becoming an employer of choice, maintaining a sustainable long-term organisational culture.

Equality & Diversity: Our similarities and differences are our opportunities, we believe and establish a common bond to strengthen the organisational culture. We ensure fair and equal access for all, and recognise the strength of diversity.